Debate Rehearsal Room 2 / Media Suite

Collectively worked as a group to research separate bullet points. Reis has elected himself to lead certain aspects of this whilst Sam, Kitty and Orla have agreed/been forced to speak on behalf of the group.

Tomorrow, debate day, i have dedicate myself to sit in the audience so as to see from their perspective the audience would receive the opponents argument. I would also display the timing so the team could see how long they have left. In terms of research I also spent quite a bit of time contributing the following paragraph. The last section of which I wrote and was later used as an outline for the concluding statement of the entire debate.

‘I pose to my opposition – when did originality run out? If not, when will it?

Theatre is always changing. It swells and falls with unpredictable tides of popularity, with works old and new constantly evolving to meet the increasing demand of the modern day audience expecting to see something new. [By Emma Shone_03.11.2013]

Secret Theatre: London’s latest (hidden) theatrical gem

“It’s a tough time for theatre in London. But one of the great things about the city is that, if you scratch around, you can still find people like me trying out new stuff and making theatre exciting in ways like this. It takes time to get projects off the ground. And it’s a crazy world. I wouldn’t change it, but it’s fucking nuts.” Richard Crawford

Secret Theatre: London’s latest (hidden) theatrical gem

Originality can’t run out based on our argument that with the evolution of technology, the development of social and economic stresses of art and the way in which all these are perceived and interpreted by the audience’s contextual society, we will always require new and exciting avenues of creation.’